Specialty Tires. From ATV's to Motor Homes, Discount Tire & Automotive's Got you Covered.

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Lawn & Garden Tires

At Discount Tire, we take pride in providing tires for almost anything. We carry tires for the following and more.

  • ATV's
  • Golf Carts
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Boat Trailers
  • Travel Trailors
  • Motor Homes

Call or stop by with your questions on commercial, farm or specialty tires. Use our Store Locator to find the store nearest you.

  Specialty Tires. From ATV's to Motor Homes, Plains Tire's Got you Covered.



Discount Tire provides all types of tires for lawn and garden vehicles. We carry premium lawn and garden tires such as lawn tractor and riding mower tires, wheelbarrow tires, utility tires, garden tractor tires, hand cart tires and specialty equipment tires from the industry's leading manufacturers.


What type of tread should I buy for my lawnmower?

Our tire professionals can help you decide what would be best for your specific use - just give us a call! We can ask the right questions to make sure you select the right tire for your mowing needs.


I keep getting flat tires - what can I do?

Switching to a different tread design or a heavier ply rating is probably all you need to do, but tire sealer may be another option. We're happy to give advice - just give us a call.


Can I switch to a different size tire on my lawnmower?

In most cases we can find a smaller or larger tire if you need to change sizes. With our extensive inventory and experience, we can assist in choosing the right tire for any use.





Please contact us at for more information regarding your lawn and garden tire needs. Our friendly specialty tire professionals are here to help you with all of your questions or concerns. 




Discount Tire has a large selection of special order ATV tires for sale. Take advantage of our discounted ATV tires online or upgrade your ATV with some of the best all terrain vehicle mud tires and wheels.


Since the early 70’s Americans have been enjoying the thrill of ATVs. They have been using all terrain vehicles to access remote areas unattainable by 4x4’s and pick-up’s. ATVs have been used to scale some of the most beautiful mountainsides, creek beds and tread through some of the deepest mud holes known to man. Aside from satisfying thrill seekers of all shapes and sizes, ATVs have been known to provide hunters, farmers and sportsman alike with a viable solution to all their outdoor needs.



Outside of recreational purposes, ATVs have been known to serve as an excellent hunting tool. Imagine yourself immersed deep in a remote location of a heavily wooded area. You have just bagged one of the biggest catches of your life! All terrain vehicle tires make it possible to not only access these remote locations, but to haul you, your equipment and that prized 6 point deer or large mouth bass back to the taxidermist.


Cheap ATV tires come in all shapes and sizes for your Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha and Suzuki all terrain vehicle. As you can see, these tires serve a multitude of purposes. You can be mudding through some of the deepest swamps, or traversing some of the toughest terrain. Our staff is handpicked to provide the best ATV tire based on your experience level and price you can afford. Just let us know what type of all terrain vehicle you have, what you plan on doing with your ATV and we will provide the best tire at a great price.


For more information regarding all our ATV tires for sale, please contact us. Our friendly staff is here to help you with all of your questions and concerns.




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